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Powerful Cybersecurity

Built for Small Business

We charge by user / device so your cybersecurity cost is always predictable. No more hidden fees and anxiety-inducing IT support bills.

All-in-One Package for your Cyber Security needs

As cybercriminals target endpoints in the evolving workplace, Malimar safeguards your people and your businesses with always-on always watching hardware-enforced protection. We stay vigilant so you can keep working—anytime and anywhere.

Network Security

Our systems specialists talk to your key staff, review your processes and take a detailed inventory of your current technologies, applications and systems.

Remote & Onsite Support

You don’t have the time or energy to waste on unresponsive IT security consultants. As your IT security staff, our battle-tested security experts are available to protect...

Security Audit

Malware, viruses and malicious users can take down a network in no time. Arm your business with a state-of-the-art network security architecture...

Real-Time CyberSecurity Threat Map

Online threats are evolving and increasing every year, and continue to target customer-rich business data. Investing in excellent business endpoint security gives you the best tools for strong cybersecurity and simplified privacy controls to protect devices for your entire team.

Looking for new services or are you already using one of these vendors?

Our team can help you save money by assisting with contract renewals & new hardware purchases for your business.

Microsoft 365 Security & M365 Subscription Fee Included

Using Microsoft 365 but you are still worried about security?
We can help you setup, secure and manage the built-in security features of your Microsoft 365 environment. Our Microsoft 365 security and security hardening offerings are best suited for small businessses looking to reduce their cybersecurity risks while leveraging modern workforce tools. The best part is, the licensing cost for Microsoft 365 is all included in your monthly IT bill.

The Latest Cybersecurity Blogs

In-depth knowledge of the latest IT threats and security trends.

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The 2021 data breach marks the fifth time that T-Mobile has suffered a cyber attack since 2018.

The Cyber Incident Notification Act Of 2021

There is an ongoing debate about how companies should report and deal with these cyber attacks,