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The Experian Hack: One Of The Biggest Modern Data Breaches

Many cybersecurity experts and analysts criticized the way that Equifax dealt with the cybersecurity breach. They also pointed out that Equifax has dealt with previous data breaches, and should have taken more steps to safeguard consumer information. Equifax apparently knew about the cybersecurity breach in July 2017.

Scripps Health Hacked, Further Issues Remain

This particular san diego cyberattack occurred in late April of 2021. This was also a ransomware attack, and these kinds of cyberattacks have been happening more frequently over the past several years. Ransomware is considered one of the deadliest types of malware, or “malicious software.” It is estimated that ransomware attacks will cost the global economy a staggering $265 billion over the next decade.

Why The SolarWinds Hack Was Significant

Through an executive order, Biden also created stricter security standards for supply chain companies that work with the U.S. government. SolarWinds also reported that unknown hackers exploited a previously unknown flaw in July 2021, but denies that it was related to the high-profile 2020 data breach. SolarWinds claimed that unknown hackers only targeted a “limited, targeted set of customers.”