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The Cyber Incident Notification Act Of 2021

There is an ongoing debate about how companies should report and deal with these cyber attacks, and Congress has now introduced several cyber security focused bills. Lawmakers have argued about how companies should deal with cybersecurity breaches for years.

Details Of The 2021 T-Mobile Hack

The 2021 data breach marks the fifth time that T-Mobile has suffered a cyber attack since 2018. This is significant when you consider that T-Mobile has hundreds of millions of consumers with personal information that could potentially be compromised. Some of the cyber attacks against T-Mobile have been more serious than others.

The Kaseya Cyber Attack Of July 2021

The hackers targeted Kaseya’s VSA, or virtual systems/administrator. Cybersecurity experts immediately estimated that around 1000 businesses were affected. The hackers immediately made it clear that they were “ready to negotiate” concerning a resolution.