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Links have a major role to play when it comes to enhancing your position amidst search engines. Currently the link base to your website is very less. To ensure that your website gets highly qualified traffic that leads to higher conversions, we would like to make the following recommendations: 





I. Search Engine Optimization:  Your needs will be strategically addressed through in-depth market research, code analysis, study and revision of keywords, content enhancement, suitable website design, and strategic search engine submission to ensure the presence of your website on the Internet.


Our SEO Platinum Package includes the following SEO phases:

1. Client Interaction: Study of existing site, Q&A Session, Initial questionnaire, Target Audience etc
2. Keyword Research: Collection of keywords based on initial questionnaire, site research

3. Site Optimization: Optimization of the website based on the keywords, editing Meta Tags, and other Optimization as required.

4. Submission to Search Engines

5. Submission Report: Submission report to be provided to the client

Highlights/Features of SEO Platinum Package

1. Optimizing your website for 100 relevant keywords

2. Manually submitting it to 300+ Search Engines

3. Guarantee of more than 10% keywords on top

4. FREE 1.5 months maintenance


II. Link Building: Our link building team puts in a lot of effort to set up the correct structure while obtaining links from the "right" partners and to carry a thorough research of your competitors and potential business market space.

Reaching these links will give you breakthrough in the following ways:

1. Top Ranking for keywords that are promoted in titles and descriptions of these links.
2. Chances of Search Engine Crawlers coming to your sites from relevant links, indexing, and ranking your sites.

3. Google's new evaluation criterion (after Google Jagger Update) is that links have become 70-80% important in Search Engine Optimization.

Our Main criteria is to get Relevant Links relating to subject theme of your website that will help you to get target traffic and will improve your rankings. We follow ethical and efficient link building guidelines.


Here is the list of quality guidelines we keep in mind before approaching link partners:

1. No Frame Sites

2. No Java script pages

3. No link farms

4. No redirected sites

5. No sub-domain sites

6. Keywords in anchor text


III. Article Posting:  Well-written advisory articles, which are successfully published on a number of different websites, help establish your site as an important information provider in the targeted domain Articles will be posted on various industry-specific websites and as well as on Broad-based content websites that accepts articles from various industries; usually classified in industry-related categories.


IV. Blog Submissions: A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. We can submit our site information and redirect traffic to your website by this online journal. There are large numbers of different web-sites that offer Blog account on their site.


V. Deep Link Submission:


Deep link submissions are a way to list links to your site beyond your homepage. This will make your link submissions seem more natural to the big search engines since most links are gained from different areas of a website besides the homepage. In addition, deep linking allows your site more exposure since it can be listed in more areas besides just your homepage. For these reasons, you will want deep links to improve your websites ranking by the big search engines.


Service highlights

·         Manual submissions by an experienced editor

·         You can give us different URLs (one URL per 100 Submissions)

·         All Web Directories are Hand Picked High Traffic!

·         All Web Directories are PR1 to PR6.

·         Receipt of Submission: We will Email you a copy of all Web Directories and the location (category) of each submission.

·         Slow "Natural" submissions available on request at no extra cost, Includes receipt for all submissions.


VI. Text-based Simple Google Sitemap:


Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. Web crawlers usually discover pages from links within the site and from other sites. Sitemaps supplement this data to allow crawlers that support Sitemaps to pick up all URLs in the Sitemap and learn about those URLs using the associated metadata. Using the Sitemap protocol does not guarantee that web pages are included in search engines, but provides hints for web crawlers to do a better job of crawling your site.


VII. Social Bookmarking Submission:


Service Highlights

•    Manual submissions by an experienced editor.
•    Guaranteed inclusion.
•    Top Social Networking websites.
•    All sites are PR2 to PR8.
•    Includes receipt for all submissions.





1. We will not use any of the spam techniques mentioned as below:


Ø       Mirror pages and sites

Ø       Cloaking

Ø       Doorway pages

Ø       Link Farming

Ø       Improper redirects

Ø       Hidden or invisible links + texts

Ø       Keyword stuffing


2. We believe in transparency between our work and our customers to keep them satisfied. We will provide you with authentic reviews and ratings based on the evaluation of your search engine ranking.


3. The search engine environment changes and evolves. Malimar guarantees that our technical team will keep an eye on latest SEO trends to keep themselves at pace with others and will keep you updated according to SEO industry developments.


4. We guarantee to strive every day for immediate responsiveness, strategic accuracy, bottom-line reliability, and personal courtesy.

A dedicated team consisting of 5-7 members would be assigned for the project immediately, which will include a Project Manager who will coordinate with you during the entire project execution and will be available at a time convenient to you. He will be connected to you 18X6 and will provide you regular project status reports.

Video and Media Services

  • Professional audio editing and video editing
  • Hardware distribution provider for HLS, HTTP streaming, and IPTV services.
  • CDN (Content Distribution Network) hosting and streaming provider

Services & Managed Support

  • Helpdesk support service
  • Technology assessment services
  • Security auditing
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Document Your IT Infrastructure
  • Software/hardware inventory tracking
  • Licensing compliance analysis Expert Technical Support Services
  • CIO level advisory 24x7 system monitoring
  • CRM/ERP consulting and implementation
  • Domain Policy management
  • Folder or Directory Security
  • Management Active directory
  • Maintenance

Telecommunication Services

  • Private Network/MPLS
  • Integrated T1’s Dynamic T1’s
  • Internet Access
  • VoIP Services
  • Data T1’s
  • Data E1, E3
  • Data Fiber