Monday Feb 19

Flash Solutions

Add glamour to applications with Flash
Flash is the way the world is heading these days. Flash can be used to power almost anything these days, right from sleek animated websites to multimedia games, corporate presentations to even business applications. The impact of animation, high end graphics and embedded audio and video is characteristic of most Flash applications and seduces many online users.

What kind of projects do we handle with Flash?
Our plain vanilla Flash projects are the basic websites. They deliver the message with a lot of graphic zing. Other Flash projects include interactive Flash learning tools, video to Flash conversion software for the Web, interactive online games and CDs. We have also created powerful corporate Flash presentations and product demos for our clients.
Our Flash applications have also been adopted by the printing industry where users can select designs and customize them to be printed on T-shirts, caps and even visiting cards. Our proprietary Flash based LogoSmartz desktop software allows users to create logos by customizing available fonts, colors and symbols.

Flash in e-learning projects
Netsmartz e-learning projects include customized web based training (WBTs) and computer based training (CBTs) for many corporate giants. These solutions make extensive use of Flash. Our proprietary Flash based software, the LearnSmartz Course Builder also uses Flash innovatively to put together e-learning courses using pre-made templates, thus cutting down on development costs and implementation time.

Benefits of using Flash:

  • Flash allows the use of reusable Components the use of which saves developers many hours of development time. Components allow developers to separate coding and design. Functionality that is frequently needed can be put into components and designers can easily customize the look and behavior of components.
  • Flash gives web users a rich multimedia experience with special animated effects, audio and video.
  • Using Flash for Web applications practically guarantees no browser linked issues. Whether the user is using Netscape or IE, is on a Mac or a PC, the Flash movie will behave consistently.
  • Flash is extremely versatile and allows for multiple uses ranging from an e-commerce sites, product tours, presentations, web applications to interactive games and training courses.

Video and Media Services

  • Professional audio editing and video editing
  • Hardware distribution provider for HLS, HTTP streaming, and IPTV services.
  • CDN (Content Distribution Network) hosting and streaming provider

Services & Managed Support

  • Helpdesk support service
  • Technology assessment services
  • Security auditing
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Document Your IT Infrastructure
  • Software/hardware inventory tracking
  • Licensing compliance analysis Expert Technical Support Services
  • CIO level advisory 24x7 system monitoring
  • CRM/ERP consulting and implementation
  • Domain Policy management
  • Folder or Directory Security
  • Management Active directory
  • Maintenance

Telecommunication Services

  • Private Network/MPLS
  • Integrated T1’s Dynamic T1’s
  • Internet Access
  • VoIP Services
  • Data T1’s
  • Data E1, E3
  • Data Fiber