Monday Feb 19

Visual Basic for fast prototyping and easy database access

Need to create software applications for Windows, Mobiles, and Web portals?
Visual Basic is a popular associated development environment from Microsoft. It can be described as an event driven programming language. Visual Basic permits rapid application development of GUI based applications and allows free access to databases like DAO, RDO, or ADO. It also allows for creation of ActiveX controls and objects.

What VB allows you to do
If you need to produce a variety of software applications for the Windows environment, or for the Web, mobile or Office applications, VB will stand you in good stead. VB can be easily used to create native Windows applications. These are programs like EXCEL etc. that you can install on your computer without needing other supporting applications. Visual Basic oriented applications are typically compact and fast.

Benefits of VB:

  • Visual Basic technology is very versatile and a large number of third party controls are available. These controls can extend the functional reach of Visual Basic to include communications, multimedia, and customized user interface features.
  • Using VB, you can also create applications that use a PC's serial port to work almost any type of external equipment or machinery.
  • Developers can use components provided within the Visual Basic framework itself to create software applications. Programs based on VB can also utilize the Windows API (Application Programming Interfaces) but this will need external function declarations.
  • Visual Basic is among the simpler programming languages and is designed to be human readable whether it is being handled by a veteran developer or a fresher just learning the ropes.
  • VB uses more 'English' than other languages making it easier to assimilate.
  • Original source code does not have to be junked even if you venture into new technological areas.
  • Visual Basic provides the functionality of conventional programming languages with shorter development cycles. VB creates fast, high powered applications and components due to its optimization of original code, fast form rendering and more effective database access.
  • VB is designed in such a way that multiple programmers can work simultaneously on projects. This reduces development and implementation time and consequently the speed to market. Software development costs remain lower too.
  • Visual Basic lets developers build up concepts into viewable program design fast allowing the creators to experiment and adjust and rework designs till they are perfect and as per requirements.

Visual Basic at Netsmartz
At Netsmartz, we have developed a number of applications using VB and they are used in a number of spheres including healthcare, education, business, and accounting etc.

Video and Media Services

  • Professional audio editing and video editing
  • Hardware distribution provider for HLS, HTTP streaming, and IPTV services.
  • CDN (Content Distribution Network) hosting and streaming provider

Services & Managed Support

  • Helpdesk support service
  • Technology assessment services
  • Security auditing
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Document Your IT Infrastructure
  • Software/hardware inventory tracking
  • Licensing compliance analysis Expert Technical Support Services
  • CIO level advisory 24x7 system monitoring
  • CRM/ERP consulting and implementation
  • Domain Policy management
  • Folder or Directory Security
  • Management Active directory
  • Maintenance

Telecommunication Services

  • Private Network/MPLS
  • Integrated T1’s Dynamic T1’s
  • Internet Access
  • VoIP Services
  • Data T1’s
  • Data E1, E3
  • Data Fiber