Monday Feb 19

Dynamic, Interactive web pages with ASP

Add dynamic power to web pages
Active Server Pages or ASP for short is a technology that allow you to make dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP uses server-side scripting to dynamically produce web pages independent of the browser the web site visitor is using. This is a primary reason behind the huge popularity of ASP today.

How does ASP work?
VBScript is the default scripting language used for generating ASP pages, though you can use other languages like Jscript. ASP pages are recognized by the server since they sport the .asp extension instead of .htm. When an ASP page is requested by a browser, the server interprets the ASP data contained in the webpage into HTML before sending the data to the browser. Web pages containing ASP cannot be run by simply opening them in a web browser. The page has to be requested through a web server that supports ASP. If there is no server, no page will be available to view.

Benefits of ASP:

  • ASP is faster and easier to use than CGI scripting.
  • It provides an easy scripting interface with native support for VBscript and Jscript.
  • Adds convenience by providing pre-defined objects that make development tasks easier like maintaining user state and defining global variables in an application.
  • ADO components can be optimized to perform additional tasks like accessing ODBC- compliant databases, and outputting data to text files.
  • Java components and XML can be used conveniently to extend ASP scripts.
  • ASP functions as a Web server service so it is optimized for several threads and multiple users, making it speedy and easily implementable.
  • ASP separates the design of the page from the details of programming thus letting developers focus on their core competency.
  • Server side ASP scripts can store HTML form information in databases and customize websites according to user preferences.
  • Scripts run on the server rather than on the client which means the server does most of the work in processing HTML data.
  • Server side scripts are difficult to copy because only the resultant data is sent to the browser, the script commands that created the page cannot be viewed.
  • ASP is extremely flexible and language neutral, a person who knows VBScript or JScript, can easily use ASP.
  • ASP allows you to use Java components to create reusable modules for your application's business logic. These can be called from a script, another component or from another program.

Video and Media Services

  • Professional audio editing and video editing
  • Hardware distribution provider for HLS, HTTP streaming, and IPTV services.
  • CDN (Content Distribution Network) hosting and streaming provider

Services & Managed Support

  • Helpdesk support service
  • Technology assessment services
  • Security auditing
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Document Your IT Infrastructure
  • Software/hardware inventory tracking
  • Licensing compliance analysis Expert Technical Support Services
  • CIO level advisory 24x7 system monitoring
  • CRM/ERP consulting and implementation
  • Domain Policy management
  • Folder or Directory Security
  • Management Active directory
  • Maintenance

Telecommunication Services

  • Private Network/MPLS
  • Integrated T1’s Dynamic T1’s
  • Internet Access
  • VoIP Services
  • Data T1’s
  • Data E1, E3
  • Data Fiber